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In 2010, she continued her education life in Istanbul Medipol University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. During her education, she did her internships in many private institutions. She started to work in private health sector since 2014. In 2015, she started the Nutrition and Master's program at Haliç University. She has been working in her own office since 2016.


İstanbul Medipol University

Nutrition and Dietetics

Haliç University

Nutrition and Dietetics (Master)

İsis-Mu Academy

Life Coaching

İsis-Mu Academy

NLP Coaching

Başkent University

Cardiology Dietician Certificate

Başkent University

Healthy Life Symposium

Medipol University

Type 1 Diabetes Nutrition During Childhood and Adolescence

13th National Surgery Congress

Laparoscopic Surgery Applications

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45000 +

Weight Loss

2000 Kg and Over Weight Loss

Nutrition Plan

Over 600

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